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Hi all, I thought I’d write up a short update to let any readers out there know that we are still alive and kicking. Covid19 has slowed things down for many photographers around the world, however here in Australia we have been fairly lucky to have avoided much of the infection rate that is travelling around elsewhere.

While I haven’t done too much shooting over the last month there have been some points worth mentioning, Our NQfilm group have been working to secure a space to setup a community darkroom! we are working with a local gallery “Umbrella Studio” to collaborate on how our group might use this space, including the possibility of running workshops. This will be the first community darkroom in Townsville (At least in modern history) and will be a fantastic place for film photographers to learn new skills and hone their darkroom work. There will be more updates on this soon.

I also recently bought a stack of Fuji Press 800 from a local digital photographer who no longer uses film. I was assured It’s been freezer stored since new despite being long expired. I decided to give it a shot (excuse the pun). I’m usually not a fan of high speed films because I find grain distracting, especially with colour films. However this film has turned out to be well stored as promised, as I discovered after putting a test roll through my Nikon F5 and taking some random shots around the place. The one place I tripped up here was with development, I decided to use up the last of my C41 kit which has seen over 30 rolls of film through it already. So the results were a little thin but I still managed to get some nice colours out of this film and even though the grain is more pronounced than I usually like I’m fairly happy with the results, I’m sure in fresh developer it will look even better. Now if I can only find a shop that isn’t out of stock for c41 kits!!

Heres a few examples from that roll.

While we have been self isolated up until recently, a couple weeks back the QLD Government relaxed some rules around visiting cafes so I was able to get back out and meet some of the NQfilm group at cafe’s again. Even if in limited numbers and while social distancing.

Below is a few phone snaps from recent walks and coffee meetups!

Keep your eye out for a new post soon, as I have recently acquired a Canon 7 Rangefinder (seen in the gallery above) and have a couple russian lenses on order. I have a Jupiter 8 and a Jupiter 12 coming and will writ about this camera once it arrives. I’ve already taken a few frames with it using an old Industar 26m, but it will be great to get the 35mm lens on it and do some street photography.

I would like to get stuck into some new film reviews so if you have any suggestions you’d like to see on the site or any articles, shoot us a comment and we’ll do our best to get it written up!

Otherwise, enjoy the light and keep on shooting!