Hanimex Box

Accoding to camerapedia qoute The Hanimex Standard 120 Box is a 120 film box camera for 6x9cm images, made by Vredeborch for Hanimex, c.1954. It is very similar to several of Vredeborch’s other box cameras, such as the Vrede Box and Texar Box. end qoute


Found one collecting dust at mum’s house so I cleaned it up a but and put a roll of Lucky film SHD100 in it.. it needs the leatherette replaced but mechanically it is sound. it uses a leaf shutter with only one shutter speed (i’m guessing around 1/100sec) there is a setting (small metal tab directly above shutter lever) where the shutter will stay open as long as you hold the shutter lever and also a lock to hold it open ..

as for aperture there is another lever/tab above the shutter “speed” tab that when pulled out sets F16 when pushed in is F8 … thats all there is too it very simple

the only other feature is a built in Red Filter which can be engaged by rotating the silver nob on the front of the camera (in the middle of the word BOX)


Armed with the camera and the Sunny 16 rule I took a few shots around the house and at a BBQ as you can see the lens suffers from some vignetting but not as bad as a holga 🙂 also the Bokeh looks kind of cool here too…


and some minor light leaks .. which can probably be fixed if I cleaned the camera up better..


all up it is a fun little camera if you are shooting in sunlight. IMHO the lack of shutter spe

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