Thorley Photographics is a Review and Blog website run by two brothers dedicated to traditional photography, we use only film camera’s. We are excited by trying different things, different camera’s and processes etc and we want to let you know about it!

whether it be using caffenol (Coffee) as a developer or reviewing some obscure film camera from the 20’s we love it and want to share our experiences with a wider audience.

We both have a history in photography and while we have had our short stint in the world of digital we have both converged back to the Art of real photography, we beleive images happen in camera, on film.

We are by no means professionals, just creative amateurs in love with Photography.

That being said the opinions and comments by myself and my brother on this website are purely that. Opinions. we write from the heart and receive no compensation for supporting any particular brands or models.

On that note enjoy the site and happy shooting!

If you enjoy our site and would like a cool t-shirt with our logo you can get one here, profits will go to keeping this site alive

Do you have a film camera you would like reviewed, we would be happy to review it for you. We can post it back to you or you can donate it to the Film Camera museum.

If you would like to get in touch please do so through our websites.

Neals Website
Stephens website

4 thoughts on “About

  1. Karl Lalemand

    Hi. I’m hoping you can clear up one thing that I just can’t get my head wrapped around.

    It’s when folks say to set your shutter speed at “X”, in this case 1/1500, but I don’t see that number in my view finder? D300 Nikon carmera.

    So, is there a conversion chart, or I’m I making this harder then it has to be and what I’m I missing?

    1. neal

      I suggest you have a read of the manual that came with your camera, it will explain to how to set your shutter speed.
      Also you need to be in either Shutter Priority mode, or manual mode mode to manually set shutter speed. otherwise the camera will choose one for you based on the light conditions.


  2. Richard Vaara

    So, is this site still alive? I haven’t perused the whole thing, but the last entry from Neal on this page is from March/2016.

    RB67 & film lover

    1. neal


      Thanks for your interest, while the site itself is alive in the sense that we still reply to comments and what not, we have both been very busy with family and work life and have not had the time to actively produce content here.

      In a way it’s dead, I’d love to have more time to spend writing for the blog and reviews etc but it just can’t happen at the moment. Perhaps we need to look into allowing others to write and publish content here.

      Thanks for your interest!



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