Agfa Vista 200 Film Review

What can I say about Vista? It’s a cheap consumer film that isn’t around any more. Stocks of Vista may start to decline at some point but for the moment it’s plentiful if you look in the right places, I was lucky and received a gift of a shopping bag full of it. Having not shot any of it before I was pretty excited to give it a go, at the time my current favourite consumer film would have been Fuji Superia 200. That didn’t last long at all.

View from Magnetic Island

Vista 200 is a wonderful film, it has a subtle tonality of colour that you just don’t see in other consumer films, it’s fine grained and elegant and the best part is that it does extremely well in a huge range of situations, I’ve shot it in low light, subdued daylight, open shade and bright sun and the results are always up to expectation, no crazy grain in low light, no funny colour shifts in bright light. This is a film that just keeps on giving.

Miss Mia

I’m still getting through the shopping bag worth that I was given and it’s long expired now, as long as I keep it refrigerated it seems to live a long and healthy life.

I had great results from lab processing and hand processing at home, so If you are looking for a nice cheap but great film for general photography hook yourself up with some Vista. The 400iso variant is pretty good too!

Savouring the coffee

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