Adox Silvermax 100 – Film Review

Wow I can’t believe it’s been this long and I am only just now reviewing one of the latest films from Adox. I was among some of the first to try this great film and I’m finally putting some thoughts and photos down for you to see.

Adox Silvermax is a true 100iso black and white film produced in Germany. It’s a silver rich film, containing more silver than other b&w films in it’s league. Adox says that when coupled with their newly concocted “Silvermax” developer that this film is capable of an extreme 14 zones of dynamic range. I’ve not tested this myself, for one I find shooting step wedges boring, and for two I have not yet tried this Silvermax developer.

So far I’ve souped it in xtol (1+0) and D76 (1+1) and both have produced excellent results. The film shows very nice tonal gradations all the way from bright popping whites to inky blacks and everything in between.

Leaf Pattern
Leaf Pattern – Silvermax 100

This film is only available in 35mm size at the moment due to production limitations however I would love to see it eventually take form in Medium and Large format sizes.

It’s not technically a tabular grain but I believe a mixture of Cubic and Tabular grain types, this coupled with the extra silver content gives it it’s speed and very fine grain structure. I’ve not yet tried shooting this film at different speeds as I am still getting a good feel for it rated at ei100.

Tanya – Silvermax 100

This film is coated on a clear triacetate base therefore can be reversal processed and features an anti-halation layer in between the emulsion and film base.

While I’ve only shot a few rolls so far I will continue to process this film in a few different developers and try pushing and pulling. So far it’s found it’s place as one of my favourite 100iso b&w films. My favourite so far is Fuji Neopan Acros 100, which has a completely different look, Silvermax’s classic look gives the film character so it’s nice to have another option in this category for when I want something a little different.

Copper Rooster

5 thoughts on “Adox Silvermax 100 – Film Review

  1. paul iwala

    Just purchased the 100 iso adox. my usual film these oast 2 years has been neopan 400 souped in rodinal ( @ 1+25 or 1+50). The film and dev. combination is good but lacking in a certain character, perhaps a little too smooth and flat-grey.

    now foma 400 iso (@ 200) I’ve tried. and although this film is not fine grained, non too sharp either, i like its unique qualities.

    let’s see how the adox performs.

    1. neal Post author

      Nice to hear, I’ve heard that the new Foma 200 is supposed to be great, better at ei400 than the native foma 400. but it’s all hearsay, i’ve not tested myself.
      Hope you have nice results from the Silvermax!

  2. Randlew P. McMurphy

    I heard the Silvermax can easily be damaged if you don´t
    take care at the development – is this correct ?

    1. steve

      I haven’t had any problems with it, using patterson system 4 reels. They don’t make silvermax in sheet film form unfortunatly, so I dont know how it would go with tray development.


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