Kodak Portra 400NC Film Review

Kodak Portra 400NC has long been the choice of professional wedding and portrait photographers alongside it’s brother Portra 160NC.

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Kodak Portra 400nc provides a great balance between speed and resolution allowing you to get the most out of your subjects and lighting, While it can be said that 160nc might be better under controlled lighting, the 400 is very versatile and allows you to capture the full range of tones and colours in a scene giving you more control.

don’t let the NC fool you, while straight out of box is features lower contrast and softer colours you can easily increase the contrast and bring out a world of wonderful colour, this difficult shot was in a busy cafe where there wasn’t a lot of light but the direction and quality of light was quite nice, I shot at 1/15th of a second on my Rolleiflex to capture this old man as he conversed with a friend.

Old man in Cafe

Shooting this film in medium format further reduces the appearance of grain making this an even more flexible film, not just great for portraits but for a range of applications. It’s wide exposure latitude makes it wonderful even for landscapes.

Lake Ross Moonrise

I’m currently running low on this wonderful emulsion and it’s getting harder and harder to find as the older Portra versions are fazed out. As good as the new Portra 160 and 400 is there is just something about this film that is soft and inviting. I wish I had longer to get better acquainted.


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