Kodak Pro Image 100 Film Review

I recently purchased a pro pack of this film after reading about some revisions to the Kodak gold emulsion made by Kodak, Apparently they also released this as Kodak Pro Plus 100. from what I can tell it was released in 1997.

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Artistic Tin Bull

This film is no longer being made but is available online and it’s fairly inexpensive, I had been looking for an inexpensive 100iso film for snap shots and such, something I didn’t mind wasting so much. Boy was I in for a surprise.

After looking at some good and bad examples on flickr and reading as much as I could about it, I decided it was time to shoot some for myself to see how it stacked up. Let me start by saying, WOW!

This film has a wide latitude and a colour gamut that resembles Kodak Portra, it’s a lower contrast film so it scans incredibly well allowing you to capture loads of detail, the colours punch up nicely with some contrast adjustments and the overall sharpness is very good. I’d day a tad more sharp and contrasty than the old Portra 160NC.

Milla Milla Falls

The grain is the area that blew me away most, I went into this expecting it to be a standard consumer 100iso film, meaning that the grain would be noticeable but bearable. Well the grain structure is beautiful, it’s very fine grained for a consumer film. I’ll need to do some more testing on subjects with lots of fine detail but so far I’m really liking this. I’ll definitely be stocking up before it all dries up.

the skin tone rendition is beautiful with subtle gradations between light and dark areas and not too much contrast.


14 thoughts on “Kodak Pro Image 100 Film Review

    • For the cost I consider it very much worth it.
      have a hunt around on ebay for the best deals. one of my favourite sellers often stocks it. Ebay name is “filmsfestival” and is based in Thailand.

  1. Glad I’ve read this review. I’m thinking of buying some cause I saw it in a Kodak store from the country I live in and it was pretty cheap. I was hesitant cause even if it has that “professional” tag in it, it is cheap. I think it is only 320PHP for 5 rolls which is about 7USD only if converted to US dollars. Way cheap for such good shots! I will definitely buy some soon.

  2. I am so happy to listen about this film, I worked for Kodak Mexico since 1968 until 2002 and I was one of the people who decide to manufacture this film for the Social Market in Mexico because Fuji used to have to total market in this segment since 1988.
    I remember the oddesy for to introduce the film because the social photographer in Mexico are very jello with the material he is going to use; but at the end I am very proud to know the film is still alive.

  3. Wonderful to hear about this – and that you bought it from “films-festival”. I have the same chap as one of my film suppliers and was wondering how this film stacks up – great to know that it scans well.
    Have you shot at low-light or in the night?


    • Hi

      I’ve not yet shot it in low light/night conditions, but I think it would do pretty well, especially given it’s smooth grain structure. I’ve shot quite a bit of Fuji Superia at night and it tends to get grainy in the shadows, depending on contrast range and light quality.

      If you try it before I do, post back here and let me know how you went!

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