Gossen Digi Flash

This is not a full review as I have only had this meter a few weeks and am still getting use to it.
That said so far I’m quite happy with it. The meter can do incident, reflected and flash, it also has a ambient thermometer and stopwatch can’t think why you would want it but
The meter works from EV0 – 18, with 1/3 stop increments.


This is a very compact meter it easily fits in the palm of my hand. it is quite comfortable to use. The meter displays the light reading in EV (Exposure Value) which is handy with my Rolleiflex and Seagull as I can set the EV directly on those cameras. For cameras that don’t have a EV setting there is a “slide rule” type calculator on the meter to convert EV to apateure and shutter speed.

I have found that in incident mode this light meter is very accurate. but I sometimes struggle with it in reflected mode, this is mostly due to opperator error, as I think it has a wider “beam” width than my old sektonic which I’m use to using .
In flash mode it works perfectly 100% hit rate, I love it and it is easier than messing around with flash guide numbers and formulars.

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