Monthly Archives: July 2015

Blog updates

Wow it’s been 12 months since the last update, how slack have I been !

I’ve been super busy but I have a good excuse (see attached photo’s) … Well I’ve been taking lots of baby photos, and I also saw it as an excuse to try out Polaroid cameras. I have never really got the point of Polaroids, my argument was always, it’s way more expensive than film and you don’t even get a negative. But having played with a few polaroid cameras and impossible film, I’m coming around to the idea that polaroid is cool in it’s own way. It’s not something to replace shooting film it’s just something extra to have in addition to film.

Over the past 6 months I’ve been playing with impossible v1 film and V2.0, I’ve got to say v2.0 is a huge increase in quality. I’m looking forward to trying it in spectra format. Also waiting for the v2.0 to come out in colour. Looks like the Impossible people are going full steam ahead.

I have to admit it’s kind of fun.

IMG_20150228_180049 IMG_20150508_202354 IMG_20150530_150057 IMG_20150606_155945 IMG_20150616_213124