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Wow it’s been 12 months since the last update, how slack have I been !

I’ve been super busy but I have a good excuse (see attached photo’s) … Well I’ve been taking lots of baby photos, and I also saw it as an excuse to try out Polaroid cameras. I have never really got the point of Polaroids, my argument was always, it’s way more expensive than film and you don’t even get a negative. But having played with a few polaroid cameras and impossible film, I’m coming around to the idea that polaroid is cool in it’s own way. It’s not something to replace shooting film it’s just something extra to have in addition to film.

Over the past 6 months I’ve been playing with impossible v1 film and V2.0, I’ve got to say v2.0 is a huge increase in quality. I’m looking forward to trying it in spectra format. Also waiting for the v2.0 to come out in colour. Looks like the Impossible people are going full steam ahead.

I have to admit it’s kind of fun.

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Coogee to Bondi beach walk (on a winters day)

My first attempt at a photo essay. I decided I’d have a go at photo essay’s as I have been seeing some very lovely ones on the net lately, most notably over at . So I grabbed my Nikon FM and loaded it with some Kodak Double-X (motion picture film). The Coogee to Bondi beach walk is a 6.5 Km coastal walk between two of Sydney’s most iconic beaches.

First stop Gordon’s bay no-one pays much attention to the signs ;-)


Further on at Clovelly the local PADI SCUBA centre trains divers all year around.



The protected beach at Clovelley is very popular with families as well. Where as Tammara beach is where the beautiful people go to be seen in their teensy weensy bikini’s.


The kids play football(soccer) while the older people play lawn bowls

05 06

 The historic Waverly cemetery marks the half way point of the walk.


A nice spot to soak up the winter sun and watch the surfers, or read a good book.


Although with all the lovely beaches I cant understand why this surfer is surfing so close to the rocks.


6.5 km and 600 Calories later the end is in sight


 Bondi ice bergs sea baths is one of Sydney’s most iconic outdoor swimming pools. The Sydney coast line has literally hundreds of these sea baths / rock pools / swimming pools. Most of them are owned by the local city council and are free to use, others like the Bondi one are privately owned and charge a small fee.


“Leica Photography” Is Dead. Leica Killed It! Or did they?

I came across this post yesterday, and I thought it was so self contradictory, but maybe it was just designed as a trolling piece. what do you think

Anyhow here’s my rebuttal

Seems to me this guy has it all backwards. He might have his facts right about early lens quality v Zeiss v nikkor. But he’s conclusions and assumptions are all wrong. Firstly his definition of “Leica Photography” seems to be stuck in the 1920′s, he actually doesn’t even define his definition of “Leica photography” but one can assume from his text, and the way he talks about HCB that he’s definition of “Leica photography” is closely tied to the pictorial movement and “the decisive moment”.

“Leica Photography” is a living organism it evolves,  “Leica Photography” of the 1920-30′s is very different to “Leica Photography”of the Korean/Viet Nam war era. During the pictorial movement photographers, tried to make art that was pictorial/painterly (which was why bromoil was popular at this time), this is why grain and soft focus was popular not because lenses were crap. “Leica Photography” has always been about creating art, fast forward to this decade and the Leica M is no different it’s not about shooting test charts and getting the highest DxO rating. It’s about creating art and if that means using silverFx to add grain to a razor sharp digital file then that’s good too.

Leica became marginalized during the rise of the SLR in the 70-80′s  and then to make things worse the dSLR revolution of the late 90′s and 2000′s pushed Leica further back. It has nothing to do with the Leitz family, quite the opposite, they let Leica slip on their watch they just kept phoning it in, allowing the company to become a dinosaur. Then the Millionaire guy bought Leica, he wasn’t just some soulless venture capitalist he IS a photography enthusiast (check out his interview on youtube). He loved his Leica camera and wanted to make Leica great again. He succeeded!

Not only is “Leica Photography” NOT dead, it’s more alive today than it has been in decades!

Actually come to think about it, the fact this guy has a blog dedicated to Leica photography, proved Leica Photography is not dead.


Prototype Rolleiflex for sale

WestLicht photo auctions in Vienna have some very interesting cameras coming up for sale on 22 March 2014

The very first Rolleiflex twin lens prototype ever made, built in 1925/26 with one focusing wheel for the viewing and taking lens (like all later Rolleiflex cameras), for 4.5x6cm plates as the 120 rollfilm wasn’t invented, in fully original condition with certificate by DHW and original patent letter no.519590

Expected to fetch 35,000 – 45,000 EUR

They also have the only Hassleblad to make it to the moon and back. There were a total of 14 cameras to be used on the moon the other 13 are still on the moon and free to anyone who wants them, “local pick up only”!

Expected to go for: 150,000 – 200,000 EUR

Added to the collection!

My most recent acquisition, this beautiful black Rollei 35

Rollei 35

Rollei 35

You may recall some time back my brother reviewed his lovely little Rollei 35 S. The higher end version with Rollei HFT Sonnar lens.

This little black Tessar version is cheaper but still a handy little performer. Don’t believe me? go to flickr and search for images shot with them. The little scale focus Rollei’s punch way above their weight class thats for sure.

I got this one for just over $20, it was marked as faulty, after being dropped by it’s previous owner. I found that it wasn’t much work to get the lens barrel unlocked and back into swift motion. Ebay can be a goldmine of opportunities if you know what you are looking for. I’ve saved lots of money over the years buying “seemingly” broken cameras that need very little to get going.

Anyway, this little beauty has a film loaded and is ready to shoot, being as it’s Xmas I’d say i’ll be burning through this roll quite quickly.

Have a safe and happy Christmas and a great start to the new year

Kodak sells it’s Personalised Imaging business to it’s UK retirees.

I’ve seen a few articles on this over the last few days and at first I wasn’t able to make much sense about it all. (hence no news here until now)

From what I’ve gathered KPP (Kodak Pension Plan) was owed quite a large sum by Kodak (for what we can only assume was some sort of loan during Kodaks financial troubles.) So Kodak has sold off it’s Personalised Imaging business to clear the debt with KPP.

In Australia we call a pension plan “Superannuation” so why would you want a managed pension plan to have control over the film business that we know is quite profitable? It initially doesn’t sound very good but the more you think about it it’s not so bad.

KPP will want to maximise profits from that division in order to get dividends that will pay back the money they lost with Kodak and an excerpt from a Wall Street Journal article reads, and I quote;

“In the coming months, the U.K. retirees, about 15,000 total, plan to establish a governance structure and hire executives to try to generate cash flows that satisfy pension obligations, among other objectives, said Steven Ross, chairman of the U.K. Kodak Pension Plan. Down the road, KPP could sell the businesses, he added, but it would be at least 10 years off.”

So if you are pondering on the future of Kodak film, I think we may continue to see it being produced for some time yet, if there is a sell off of sorts we may see a new company take the reins and steer kodak film in a new direction.

Either way it goes, there are still plenty of options for us film shooters and I’ll been keeping an eye on the news about Kodak and KPP, updates here as they happen.